The Gondoliers

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There is no image of Venice that does not portray a gondolier and there is no gondolier who does not like to sing the best known songs to his audience of navigating spectators.

The Gondoliers, are born as the formation of three singers with an exceptional vocal talent formed by the gondoliers Luca Foffano and Claudio Deidda (tenors) and Micheal Malvich (bass).

The success of “The Gondoliers” comes with the signing of an important recording contract with Universal Music UK, the world’s leading record company and publishing its debut album with Decca Records in England.
The first album is recorded at the London Air Studios, boasts the arrangement of Simon Franglen, known for composing the music for the films “The Amazing Spider-Man”, “Titanic”, “Avatar”.
The music of “The Gondoliers” contains the Italian songs most appreciated abroad, chosen on the basis of the experience gained singing on gondolas and collecting the most recurring requests of the variegated tourist of the lagoon. A tribute to the musical folklore of the Belpaese and that has made them masters ambassadors of Italy in the world.
The meeting with producer Tino Coppola starts a new project for the trio “The Gondoliers” that sign with the label Bit & Sound Music, ready for a new international tour and a new album.

“The soft, rich and romantic sound of The Gondoliers will drive the hearts of the beloved Italian music crazy, while at the same time attracting attention to one of the most beautiful cities in the world.”
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Contatti / Contacts / контакты : [email protected]